A multitude of choice awaits - the golden beach, just feet away; spectacular rock climbing on majestic cliffs; kayaking on the sparkling waters of the Andaman Sea; hiking in beautiful, scenic jungle…

Tonsai Beach

One thing you will definitely want do on Tonsai Beach is chill out and relax. Build up that sun tan, glide in the tropical waters of the ocean, watch the rock climbers toiling on the cliffs, and then, at the end of the day, take in the glorious sunsets over the Andaman with a glass or two of ice-cold beer.

Rock Climbing

Often referred to as the climbing Mecca of South East Asia, Tonsai has long been a world class destination for international climbers, combining world class routes with a chilled, laid back environment. Dozens of steep, tendon-popping routes, most just a short walk from the Resort, provide stunning views of the area.


Grab a kayak on the beach and discover a new perspective of Tonsai Beach. Paddle around the small rock islands, and catch a glimpse of the abundant sea life visible in the crystal clear waters. Or, if you have the skills, visit nearby Poda and Chicken islands, which offer great snorkeling!


You will definitely find a slackline somewhere on Tonsai Beach! If you’ve never tried it before, this is a great place to learn, and you’ll be able to pick up tips from other travelers and locals. For the experienced, you’ll find lines set up over water, and even, sometimes, highlines.


The surrounding mountainous jungle is ideal for long walks, with the route to Railay Beach, in particular, opening up to lovely beaches, beautiful viewpoints and intriguing cave shrines. Hike up to the Railay Beach Lookout, a steep walk that takes about 20 minutes to climb, with the reward of stunning views of the area.

Railay Beach

Tonsai’s “big brother” Railey Beach is certainly worth a visit. Accessible either by the jungle path or via longtail boat, Railey, is a favorite destination for many visitors to Krabi with white sand beaches, towering limestone cliffs, viewpoints, caves and lagoon hidden inside the cliffs, shaped and fed by the changing tides.


Tinidee [email protected] Beach Krabi is an adult-only Resort, and children over 15 are welcome in accompany with an adult